Clash Royale: Balance Changes Coming- 6/21


Hello, its Dr. Clash here. Today supercell finally released this month’s much awaited balance changes. Royal Giant Nerfed? Nope. Hog Rider? Yes. In this article I’m gonna share my thoughts and views on this month’s balance changes coming June 21st. Get ready.

The Rise of The Lava Hound

Lava hound: Damage Increased by 28%

The reason I’m starting this with the lava hound is because it’s getting a massive 28% damage boost, increasing it’s damage per second significantly

. We all know how big a difference this can make, and with the lava hound now no less meaner than it’s pups, it’s sure gonna be flying around in the arena after the update. A good change in my opinion, well done supercell.

Skeletons: Spawns 3 ( From 4)

One of the biggest change coming in this update in my opinion is this. Skeletons , the ” every-deck-card” , might just have had its usage reduced massively. It will now spawn 3 skeletons instead of 4. Just think about it this way. 1 second less for both your arena towers to deal with the prince, pekka, or mini pekka. that’s over 300 damage taken away! With the Prince getting a damage buff, as well as the PEKKA, ( Discussed below) This is a major change in the meta of the game. Guards or goblins might be a better option now in the game. A bold move from supercell that will be praised as well as critised, but I think it will make guards or goblins much , much more viable to use, given their damage output as well as health more than the skeletons.

Prince: Damage increased by 9%

According to supercell, the Prince was a pretty strong card in early to mid arenas, but as the players became more experienced, he became less threatening. More damage will help him slice through barbarians more quickly. I think this was a much needed change that should be greeted by most, if not everybody. The prince indeed lost its shine in higher arenas thanks to the insane value of 1 elixir skeletons, guards, and goblins. The damage increase as well as massive nerf to the skeletons should make him charge in the arena again. Thumbs up to supercell.

PEKKA: Damage increased by 8%

The pekka was very strong earlier when defences like the bomb tower and Tesla were popular and people had not figured out the might of skeletons. As time progressed, people learnt how to quickly deal with the PEKKA by using the inferno tower or guards. Now that the lady behind the armor has been given a much-needed buff, and the skeletons handed spawn reduction, you will surely hear a lot of things destroying in the arena. This change won’t make her Overpowered, but it will sure make her better than before. A good change by supercell in my opinion.

Goblin Barrel:Goblin Spawn Time Decreased to 1 second( From 1.2 Second)

Like most epic cards, the goblin barrel too was very strong in earlier arenas due to the minimal usage of arrows or zap by the players. As time and arenas increased people started using carrying something handy to deal with them . They were a little too easy to deal with because of their spawn time of 1.2 seconds, which has to be the reasoning by supercell, and their faster spawning will make the damage output much more than earlier, since now the players will have to deal with them at the right time. And we don’t need a reminder of how important every damage done is. Every bit counts. There are battles where a person has won with 1 HP of his king tower remaining, and that will sure be portrayed with this change. Another good change by supercell that most players will greet and accept.

Mortar & Xbow: Deploy Time decreased to 4 seconds( From 5 seconds)

Xbow- + 18% hit points.

The mortar and the Xbow both where undoubtedly one of the most troubling cards in the game at one point. Seeing a lot of complaints and indeed their unfair philosophy , supercell decided to nerf them. Now it seems that they don’t like the arena without any filthy gameplay, probably the reason why they have decided to buff them a little, as they nerfed them a little too much in the previous balancing updates. A deploy decrease time for the mortar and the xbow both with surely make a huge difference, giving the opponent 1 second less to set his defences right before they activate. A massive hitpoint buff to the xbow should mean a lot of crossbows in the arena once again! I think this change isn’t the best, but it isn’t the worst either. The xbow and the mortar were nerfed to a point that they were stopped being used, and I think this update will surely make many try them again, if not use them permanently.

Hog Rider: Damage decreased by 6%

The hog rider is too mainstream in almost all arenas in the game, making the gameplay predictive and boring. Given its strength and cheap cost, I think a slight damage nerf should not take away the shine off it but surely reduce its usage a bit and give way to other strategies to be used.

Furnace:Lifetime increased to 50 Seconds ( From 40)

The furnace is quite a good card overall but given its low lifetime it wasn’t able to compete for a spot in most decks. A 10 second lifetime increase should help it fit better in most spam or other types of decks, bringing out 2 more sets of fire spirits.

Guards: Removed Pushback Effect when their shields break.

The guards were a pretty complete card. They are good on defence and can deal with splash damaging troops quite well. The place where i agree they struggled was getting some hits in on buildings. Their push back effect after their shields were broken affected their damage output, which prevented that extra 100-200 damage that could have been inflicted and made a huge difference in the outcome of the game . Well done , supercell.

Witch: Damage increased by 17%

The witch was a pretty complete card overall as well but lacked the power to deal with horde of troops quickly, which really limited her usage given her heavy 6 elixir cost. This damage increase will now definitely help her deal with them, now that she can 3-shot minion horde instead of 4 shots at tournament standards.

Cannon:Hit- points decreased by 8%

The cannon is undoubtedly one of the most used cards in the game and can be really tough to deal with given its effectiveness and ability to cycle it quickly. Moreover, since the hog rider is getting a nerf, the cannon too should be nerfed. A much needed change done by supercell.

Tesla:Hitpoints increased by 8%

Supercell clearly mentioned in their balancing post the the main motive behind the nerfing of cannon and buffing of the Tesla is that they wanted the meta to change a bit. The Tesla isn’t used a lot right now, thanks to the cannon’s popularity. A slight hit point buff to the Tesla should make it great again .

That’s it for the june balancing change guys. I know the main shocker here is that the Royal Giant remains untouched. I personally, in fact, have never ever used the royal giant because I do think it is overpowered. But after this balancing change I am pretty sure that the meta will change a bit, people will use a more wide range of attack strategies and that will reduce the popularity of the royal giant. That’s it for this article, I hope you liked it . If you have any thoughts/suggestions feel free to comment down below.


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