Top 4 Clash of Clans YouTube posts

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been working and playing too much to post. Thought I’d post some of the biggest COC YouTube videos out there. These are the top 4 by view count on YouTube that aren’t hack or official Supercell videos. (I didn’t make any of these – just watched them and thought they were pretty sweet) Enjoy!

1. 135 Level 5 Minion Attack – pretty sick


2. Super popular Farming video


3. 54 L6 Balloon Attack! Holy cow


4. Quest to 3,000 Trophies – Great attack strategies

11 Clash of Clans Builder Tips, Attack Strategies, and Defense Layout Strategies

So I’ve been playing the game for about 8 months now and have experience and seen amazing things. I’d like to share these tips and tricks with the world, from builder acquisition and usage to attack and defense principles. Some of these tips are from other sources and I selected them because they’re genius, including: […]

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Clash of Clans TH6 Layout and Attack Strategies

Clash of Clans Layout

So after making my prior posts, I posted to Reddit hereĀ and got my layout and strategies handed to me. I thought about what they said and many of the points raised were good, that my walls weren’t upgraded, that my strategies wouldn’t raise as much loot as possible, and that I was upgrading my town […]

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Clash of Clans Layout – Base Designs for th5 and th6, Strategies for Computer Battles

Clash of Clans Layout th6

When upgrading your base from a town hall 4 (th4) to a town hall 5 (th5) to a town hall 6 (th6), there’s a lot of upgrades to resource mining and defensive units that need to take place. A great Clash of Clans layout requires hundreds of hours of attacking and being attacked experience. In […]

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Clash of Clans Resources Upgrade Strategy – Days 7, 8, and 9

day 7 start

I started day 7 by upgrading my elixir collectors and gold mines. After all, the first week of minimalist playing / strapped for play time clashing is all about Resource Upgrades. That was it for day 7, didn’t have much time to play.   By day 8 I had enough cash to upgrade my TH4 […]

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Clash of Clans Builder Strategy TH4 – Day 6

photo 1

Builders and $: So today I decided that to be a great Clash of Clans builder, you don’t have to spend money, but it sure helps speeds things up if you do. I figure everyone reading this site and playing the game has at least 1 Apple device, so you can all afford $30, or […]

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Clash of Clans Building Strategy TH3 – Days 4 and 5

day 4

My Town Hall is now complete, so I first built and upgraded my new gold and elixir mining capabilities, then added the new archer tower. The general Clash of Clans building strategy I adhere to is build up mining capabilities, upgrade town halls, add the new buildings, rinse and repeat. We’ll start upgrading defenses and […]

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Clash of Clans Farming Strategy and Attacks – Day 3

photo 1

Computer Attacks: For Maginot Line, split your troops up so the mortar doesn’t take them all out. Take out both sides of cannons then the rest is easy. This mortar is weak though so it’s not bad. In the future for mortar attacks, play your giants first to absorb the damage, put out your archers […]

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Clash of Clans Builder – Day 2

photo 3

Keep going, upgrade gold mines and elixir collectors, upgrade storages, upgrade your town hall, rinse and repeat. To be a great Clash of Clans base builder, you need to spend your resources where you think it’s best. With only 2 builders, you need to allocate them properly. Even with an impossible 20 builders, you’d need […]

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Clash of Clans Builder – Day 1

Day 1 Strategy

I’ve been playing about 6 months, spent $110 USD, and decided, there’s probably a ton of people who could benefit from not making the same mistakes I made along the way. I’m not so sure I’d call them mistakes rather than learning experiences, but it helps to have a defined strategy so as not to […]

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