Clash of Clans Layout – Base Designs for th5 and th6, Strategies for Computer Battles

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When upgrading your base from a town hall 4 (th4) to a town hall 5 (th5) to a town hall 6 (th6), there’s a lot of upgrades to resource mining and defensive units that need to take place. A great Clash of Clans layout requires hundreds of hours of attacking and being attacked experience. In this post, comprising play time of days 10 through 26, I’ll show all upgrades going from th4 through th6, as well as computer battle strategy for tons of levels.

Day 10

Build all new available resources. Upgrade resources. Cannon and archer tower. Upgrade army camp. Make sure your barracks is upgraded to level 5. Upgrade barbarians to level 2. I’m a big proponent of cheap troops and getting them great. You can get really far with just barbarians, archers, giants, breakers, and goblins. Upgrade cannon and archer tower.

Build all of your new walls and disperse your resources and defenses. Upgrade your gold mine and elixir collectors to level 3.

Now you’re not going to reach $750,000 gold for some time to upgrade your town hall again, and in the meantime you’ll be getting attacked, so it’s a good time to start upgrading your defenses. Not too much because you want to focus on your resource upgrades, but enough so that you are not weak. I’m upgrading my elixir storages though because you’ll need this to keep upgrading your gold mines. Gold = defense upgrades.

Town Hall th5 Clash of Clans Layout

Now you need to reorganize to make room for all the new walls. I recommend using the map builder to start fresh. Put your town hall somewhere far away for those people more concerned with trophies then start putting down your storages.

Your mortar will give the most damage with the widest range so put that towards the middle. Start building from the inside out. Don’t worry so much about mines and collectors. Put your barracks and camps on the outside to make the white troop dropping map area bigger and further away from your storages so your defenses can wreak havoc. Separate your gold storages and elixir storages in case you get attacked. This slows down the enemy in breaking through all of your walls. Right now, the walls are so weak it almost doesn’t matter, but it’s a good practice to start.

Archer towers have a great range, so spread these out. Canons make great corner and end defensive units.

When placing your gold mines and elixir collectors, don’t put them all together. Even though it looks good, its easier for the enemy to send in an army of goblins to destroy all of them real quick. If you spread them out, it makes it really hard for them to steal everything just with goblins. Even in the later bases, spread out your resource collectors.

Army Camps are huge and should be placed somewhere that makes the enemy drop their troops further away.

Town Hall 5 Layout

Town Hall 5 Layout

Upgrades for th5

Upgrades for th5

Day 11

Upgrade gold mines and elixir collectors. Archer towers. Upgrading goblins to do future looting. Resist the urge to upgrade walls. Keep upgrading your collectors and mining capabilities. To be a great clash of clans builder, you need to be constantly building but you also need to have resources to do so.

Upgrading Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines

Upgrading Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines

Day 12
Upgrade gold storage to level 8. The quest to 750,000 gold. With the extra funds I invested in my walls. Upgrading 1 gold storage but should’ve spent the cash on gold mine upgrades to level 9. Upgraded walls, archer tower, and 2 canons. And of course 1 gold mine.

Upgrade Gold Storage

Upgrade Gold Storage

Days 13 and 14
Upgrading resources. Tip for M is for Mortar: When battling M is for Mortar, drop a giant inside the walls to take all the mortar damage and drop the rest of your troops on the other side.

Day 14 upgrades

Day 14 upgrades

Day 15

Upgrading gold mines and elixir collectors

Watchtower – When battling Watchtower, attack at the bottom left, send in a giant or two, surround the area with archers, then send in your barbarians and goblins. Let your giants soak up the damage while the rest of your troops kick butt.

Watchtower Strategy

Watchtower Strategy

Day 16

Upgrading gold mines and elixir collectors

Fool’s Gold Strategy – To take out Fools Gold, drop a giant to absorb the mortar damage, then go in with a stack of archers and spread them out. It’s important not to stack your smaller units when there are mortars because the mortars will take out all of them in a few shots.

Fool's Gold Strategy

Fool’s Gold Strategy

Day 17

Building and Upgrades:
I upgraded my laboratory because I had extra elixir
Giants to level 2 to absorb more damage
Barracks to level 2 to speed up archer production
Other gold storage to level 9 to use up 100k elixir because my collectors were maxed out

Upgrade Barracks and Gold Storage

Upgrade Barracks and Gold Storage

Upgrade Giants

Upgrade Giants

Day 18

Building and Upgrades:
Upgrade laboratory to level 3.
Enough of the gold mine upgrades already! Let’s do more fun stuff.
Upgrade all army camps to level 3 and level 1 barracks to 2, lv4 barracks to lv5

Day 19

Building and Upgrades:
TH6 upgrade starting – Woohoo finally
3 Army camps to level 4
Upgrade to lv 3 barbarians
1 Elixir storage to level 8
Canon to lv 4
Archers to lv 4
Mortar to lv 2 – mortars are key to a great defense
Barracks 2 to 3

Day 20

Building and Upgrades:
2 canons to level 4
Wizard tower
2 Barracks to lv 4
Walls to lv 3 and start looting! – talk about looting and troops needed
Canon to lv 4
Elixir collector to lv 9

Strategy for the Battles of Thoroughfare, Immovable Object, and Fort Knobs


When battling Thoroughfare, using a mix of Giants, Archers, Barbarians, and Goblins. Spread them out. Let Giants take the brunt of the damage and your troops attack the defenses

3 Stars Thoroughfare

3 Stars Thoroughfare

Upgrading Day 20

Upgrading Archers, Canon, and Town Hall to th6

Fort Knobs Strategy

When battling Fort Knobs, spread your giants out then lay out the archers, then release the barbs and gobs. Attack from the right side

Immovable Object Strategy

When battling Immovable Object, release your giants at the top/middle, send in a breaker, release your archers, release barbs/gobs

Day 21

Building and Upgrades:
Both other cannons to l4
Elixir to l9

When battling Bouncy Castle, send in your giants then a breaker, spread out your archers, then send in barbarians and goblins. I’m sure you’re starting to see a trend here! That trend of sending in a giant or other type of big unit to absorb damage, then breaker, then archers surrounding (or archers surrounding first, depending on mortar range), then smaller units, is a trend you can follow for the rest of your game play.

The great Jorge Yao always sent in a Golem to absorb damage, 1-4 breakers, dropped a Rage, rinsed and repeated, then send in Wizards, followed by King and Queen. It’s a formula to win any battle, you just need to know where to start and when to do each. Timing is key.

Day 22

Building and Upgrades:
Gold mine 10
Elixir 9
Elixir 10
Build mortar and wizard tower

Day 23

Building and Upgrades:
Build new elixir collector and gold mine. Upgrade to lv 2 then 3 then 4

Day 24

Building and Upgrades:
Elixir and gold upgrade to 4 and 6

Day 25

Building and Upgrades:
Gold storage to level 10
Gold mine lv 7
Elixir Collector lv 5
To get 3 stars at Gobbo Campus, attack from all sides at once with a mix of units, giants then archers then barbarians then goblins
Mortar to lv2
2 Elixir Collectors to lv10

Day 26

Building and Upgrades:
Upgrade Giants to level 3 – Giants are one of my favorite units in the game. A level 6 giant really kicks butt. 15 level 6 giants can plow through anything when combined with Rage.
Air defense lv 1
Elixir lv 10
Walls lv 3, got raided 3x – I had to upgrade my walls. I got raided badly and my walls sucked so it was time.

Clash of Clans Layout for TH6 and Low Trophy Strategy:

To have a great Clash of Clans th6 layout, spread out your resource storages. I had to upgrade all of my walls to level 3 because I got raided by other players 3 times and couldn’t defend very well. I was saving the gold for th7, but needed to upgrade my walls.

To not get attacked by other players, keep your trophy count low. To decrease your trophies, revenge or attack another player, send in one troop, and click End Battle. Or steal as many resources as you can before getting 50% damage. Don’t take out the town hall. Try to keep your trophy count as low as possible, under 50 if you can, because it will prevent other players from being matched up with you when they search for other battles. There’s a lot of very experienced players with Kings and Queens who have trophy counts as low as 200-300 that will attack and steal everything, so keep your trophy count as low as possible.

With this Clash of Clans layout, what I did was not place any of my storages within the same set of walls. The reason for this is that other players will need to break through each set of walls to get to additional storages. This will slow down your enemies as they get attacked by your defenses. Be sure to place your mortars to the center. These will be your strongest units to attack all resources except flying ones and unload the most damage amongst the big grouping. They’re expensive to upgrade but crucial to a great defense.

Then I spread out the archers and canons. Archers have a huge range so it’s okay to place them further back and not towards the front. Canons are one of the weaker defensive units because their range is short and they can only attack 1 unit at time. That being said, they’re very powerful, so they make a great unit to keep towards the outside. Wizard Towers are great at destroying goblins when they attack your storages so keep them within range of your gold storage and elixir collectors. A great Clash of Clans layout disperses its resources and defensive units, keeping in mind where the enemy will attack from to cover all angles.

When you’ve placed those units, surround your walls, then disperse your non-attacking units like the barracks, builder huts, army camps, etc., so that the white space they show after they’ve been placed makes a big surrounding outside of the main base. This is the furthest your enemy can place their troops when they attack you. The further the better because your defensive units will attack them while they are attacking your non-attacking defenses and it will add more time to the clock for them.

I used my th6 to provide a bigger gap to placing troops down in lieu of putting it in a corner of the map like other players do. The further the enemy has to place their troops away from your base, the better.

Clash of Clans Layout th6

Clash of Clans Layout th6


  1. This site has been instrumental in helping me get off the ground with my new game. What’s your favorite troop to use?

    • I love the wizards but they’re difficult to play. They need to be placed after a lot of initial damage has been done, just like playing a witch, so they can stay towards the back and other troops at the front can absorb the damage. Great question!

  2. Do you buy gems?

    • Yep, not too many though, just enough for builders. I didn’t need to buy gems for that 5th builder though. 4 is enough, and I could’ve waited to get the 3rd, only buying the 4th. Next time! The 4th takes a long time to get in the game but the 3rd doesn’t take too long through achievements.

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